milly barker-destefano



As an international lawyer, I worked tirelessly in humanitarian and disaster law until shifting gears to explore global business, which had long been an interest of mine. My proudest moments prior to the shift include halting a man's execution on ‘death row’ in Louisiana (twice) and fighting the sexual abuse of children by soldiers in Liberia. 

To fund those desperately underpaid escapades, I set up a handful of small businesses - a few I sold, a couple I held onto - but all of which taught me a lot about entrepreneurship and innovation. I’ve been hooked ever since.


Since leaving the world of lawyering in late 2018, I’ve worked in business development for international investment companies. I still consult in that space, and am currently working with a Berlin-based tech startup that will make it easier than ever for companies to grow their global teams.

Alongside that work, I am pursuing my own ambitions in social entrepreneurship. In early 2021, I founded benevolabs - a for-profit venture studio on a mission to create a world of good, one socially-impactful business at a time. I write about that journey online, and if you're interested, you can follow my progress here.


I have bold ambitions for benevolabs and want to develop the studio into an accelerator for companies tackling the world’s biggest social and environmental problems. It would also be pretty cool to start a chain of coworking spaces for social entrepreneurs one day. I’m addicted to real estate websites, so that day may just come sooner than I think…

That said, I'm open to wherever great opportunities take me, so if you've got an idea or a project you think I might be able to help you with, I'd love to hear from you!