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Authenticity is shiny

Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast. One of the guests on the podcast said that when you are doing something that no one else in the room is doing, you are either the smartest or the stupidest person in that room.

As anyone who follows my Twitter account will know, I think there is a third possibility. You might just be the bravest.

When it comes to marketing yourself or your company – and whether ultimately you end up being the smartest, the stupidest, or the bravest – you want to be that one person in the room that does something different.

But differentiation can be hard.

One of the great things about having so much information at our fingertips nowadays is the fact that we can find potential solutions to our problems in a matter of minutes.

  • Want to know how to build a website that reliably converts visitors into clients?
  • Want to know how to position yourself so well that you no longer need to do outreach?
  • Want to learn how to throw networking events that get you a ton of clients in a short amount of time?

There are countless tactics online that will tell you how to achieve those things.

But what they won’t tell you is how to do that in a way that really makes you stand out.

Effective marketing is about so much more than the execution of the most effective marketing tactics. It’s about the execution of the most effective marketing tactics for you.

And how do you decide which are the most effective tactics for you?

You figure out how you communicate best (and you be brutally bloody honest with yourself about it).

  • Are you an excellent writer? Utilize those talents. Write blog posts on Medium, write white papers for LinkedIn, write highly impactful tweets.
  • Do you sound pretty good on audio? Utilize those talents. Start your own podcast, secure guest spots on other people’s shows, or get your local radio station to interview you.
  • Are you confident in front of a camera? Utilize those talents. Start a YouTube channel, stream live Q&A sessions to Facebook, or produce a mini series for your own site.

Sure, you could do a combination of those things, and many people do with great success. 

But if marketing seems and you are just trying to choose one thing that might make a difference to your business, you should probably go with the thing that feels most comfortable to you.


Because comfort translates oh-so-very-neatly into authenticity.

And authenticity is a sure-fire way to make yourself stand out in a world where the majority of people do little else but overtly distort the truth to make their ‘realities’ seem that little bit more attractive.

Don’t do what the rest of the room is doing.

Figure out how you communicate best, and go all in on that.

Authenticity, not acquiescence, will make you shine.

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