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“Back pain relief. Walk-ins welcome.”

Plastered in huge letters on the side of a building off the I-95 highway in southern Connecticut are the words:


Isn’t that just glorious?

In five words, the owner of that establishment has managed not only to convey what they do for their patients (they give them relief from back pain), but they have also told potential patients exactly what they need to do to get that relief (just walk in, no appointments/calls/referrals necessary). 

Why does it work?

Because it is beautifully simple.

If you only have a few words to make a bold statement about your business (think company taglines, tweets, elevator pitches, etc.), then stop faffing around with your thesaurus and just concentrate on making each word count.

  1. Tell people what you do for them (sell what you do, not how you do it)
  2. Tell people what to do next (make it as frictionless as possible)


Now it’s your turn. What is your five word pitch?

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