“I want to interview you.”

I’m flattered. Thank you.

If you want to ask me some questions, get a quote for an article, invite me onto your podcast, or ask me to speak at your event, I’ll probably say ‘yes’ (unless it’s got anything to do with meat. I’m a super strict vegetarian and that sh*t just ain’t goin’ to fly with me).

Here are some of the best topics to talk to me about:
  • Uncomplicated personal branding advice for business owners
  • Communicating purposefully with current and future clients
  • Machine-like marketing strategies for any business type
  • Why and how to invest in written content
  • What a bloody nightmare it is to work with most freelancers nowadays
While I am more than happy to give you the absolute best of my expertise and experience, I have a few little conditions…
  1. Podcasters, please send your questions in advance of the interview. I love a good ol’ organic chinwag, but I also want to make sure that your listeners get the most out of our conversation. If you send over some questions in advance, I’ll ponder them over a cup of peppermint tea and figure out a way to provide outstanding value in the interview.
  2. If you need a short bio, please use this one. “Dr. Camilla Barker-DeStefano (Oxon) LLM (Harv) LLB (Hons) (Lond) FRSA AFHEA is a lawyer, writer, growth marketing strategist, and excessive post-nominal collector who has helped over 200 companies to build brand awareness, generate high quality leads, and future-proof their businesses through impactful and engaging content marketing and other growth tactics.”
  3. Please don’t ask me to speak at your event for free. I understand a lot of events have tight budgets, but unfortunately, I haven’t the calendar space to do more free speaking events. Besides, I help business owners make a shed load of money from their content, so I’m a sound investment.
Need a high quality image of my visage?

Here you go.

OK, let’s go…

You know what to do. Head over to my contact page and shoot me a message. Unless England is playing in the World Cup, you should get a response within a day or two.