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What is the cost of not putting out content?

So often I hear lawyers say that they would put out content, “but it costs money“. And this baffles me, somewhat.

Yes, putting out content costs money.

But here’s the kicker: the cost of not putting out content isn’t nothing.

True as it may be that if you decide not to put out content you aren’t losing potentially-billable-hours or spending money on a writer, an editor, a SEO expert, and a virtual assistant to post everything for you.

But, believe me, the cost of not putting out content should be a much graver concern.


Because you are losing out on so many things that are important to your business by not getting your content out in front of people. Brand awareness, client relationships, community engagement, value provision, expert positioning, organic traffic, and lead generation are just a few of the things that suffer when you don’t put out content.

So, have a little think about that. With over 70% of people making purchasing decisions on the basis of good content, what is inaction really costing you?

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