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Would you call more than once?

If you had something really important to tell me, would you call me? 

You probably would, right? 

What if I didn’t answer the phone? 

Would you call me again?

You probably would… right?

When we have something important to tell people in our day-to-day lives, we rarely stop until our message is heard.

  • If someone’s house is burning down, you call them and you call them and you call them until they pick up the damn phone.
  • If someone left their wallet in your car, you call them at least two or three times and then send a few texts to tell them you found it.
  • If someone is about to miss that performance you’ve all been waiting for on America’s Got Talent, you call them before it starts and I bet you at least leave an over-excited voicemail if they don’t pick up.

And for the multitude of situations in between, we have a multitude of different communication tools to let people know over and over again what it is that they are missing, and why it’s important.

But here’s what gets me: if we’re so used to doing this in our day-to-day lives, why do we find it so hard to apply the same principles in our business lives?

If you are responsible for marketing yourself or your company, get out there and tell people your important message. 

Don’t stop when you’ve posted it once, tweeted it once, podcasted it once. Tell people that same important message over and over again until they get it

Break a blog post into a series of ten tweets. Tweet that pretty-little-tweet in five different ways and see which works best. Transcribe your podcast into a blog post and put it up on your website for people who prefer to read. 

The possibilities are endless.

You may think that you are being repetitive and annoying and that people will see your message time and time again and get bored.

I hate to break it to you, but you are mistaken.

Over 500 million tweets are sent every day. Over 97,000 blog posts are published on WordPress every hour. And people scroll through tens of websites and social media platforms before they’ve even opened both eyes in the morning. You must compete.

If you’re lucky enough for someone to read your message, I’d wager there were at least a thousand other people before them that ‘kind of skimmed’ your content and didn’t really see/listen/read/understand what it was that you were saying.

But don’t be disgruntled.

It happens.

This is the reality of our age.

Our job is to find the best ways to communicate our important messages, and repeat them over and over and over again until people get it.

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